Plans for BERITH NFT? — Berith NFT (2)

Hello, this is BERITH.

In the last introduction session, we briefly talked about BERITH overall NFT.
As we mentioned last time in this introduction, we will let you know about the development plan and expected launch time of BERITH NFT.

1. Plans for the BERITH NFT platform?

BERITH prepared about 10 developers as a BERITH NFT development team and started the BERITH NFT platform development project in December.

So far, analysis and design have been completed among the four stages of analysis, design, development, test, and service opening. Currently, we are developing functions necessary for the platform based on the completed design.

2. The progress of the BERITH NFT platform.

To explain in more detail the current situation, we are developing functions by classifying them into five big categories.

1)Registration and login.
- Based on the cloud single sign-on (SSO) system, we are developing a registration and login system for the BERITH NFT platform.

2) NFT marketplace functions.
- Such as NFT minting, NFT Searching, NFT sales, NFT auction functions.

3) Community
- Posting, Searching, Fixing, Deleting functions for NFT Collectors and BERITH NFT platform users.

4) Payments and My Page Functions.
- Check and Search functions for personally issued and collected NFTs
- Payments Functions.
- Payments Transaction verification Functions.
- Total cost settlement Function.

5) ETC
- Notice Listing and Q & A Listing functions.
- Total cost settlement Function.
- Guidance function related to NFT successful bidder.
- Establishment and guidance functions of terms and conditions
and personal information processing policies.

The basic concept and design of the BERITH NFT platform are completed.

The development of Cloud SSO-based registration and login, basic NFT functions, and community functions has been completed. And now, we are focusing on completing the whole functions of NFT and implementing payments systems. After that, we will finish category functions such as notices, inquiries, and guidance.

3. Expected launch Date?

The remaining development completion task and testing are expected to be completed approximately at the end of March.

Also, we expected to be launched even under beta service conditions by the middle of March.

4. What is the next series about the BERITH NFT introduction?

This time we introduced the BERITH NFT development plan with the current status of it. The next series will include contents about methods to use the BERITH NFT platform and its characteristics.



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