Notice of Proposal for Transition to Berith BERS Mainnet dApp

3 min readJun 8


Greetings from Berith!​

As shared in our recent AMA, we are proposing a change to a dApp for the Berith BERS mainnet.

The final decision will be made through Berith Governance.​

Details for the Governance Voting agenda are as follows:

Title: Proposal for Transition to Berith BERS Mainnet dApp

Reason for Proposal:

Focus and Selection for Project Efficiency

Berith currently provides services developed in-house within its ecosystem. However, the nature of mainnets not only requires in-house business development but also technical support and cost investment for a variety of projects from outside.

With the current priority of gathering users through the upcoming B2C business, it was decided that chanigng Berith to a dApp and providing diverse dApp services within other mainnet ecosystems would be beneficial.

Verification of Business Application Possibility Through Various Mainnet Token Use

In the past, building in-house business on the blockchain was limited due to expensive fees and the limited possiblity of tokens.

Therefore, constructing an in-house mainnet was essential.

However, current market conditions allow businesses to use various layer 1 and layer 2 blockchain solutions, enabling reasonable fees and improved token possibility.

As a result, companies can benefit from blockchain technology in more business areas and further expand new business models and cooperation opportunities.

Accessibility and possibility Enhancement through Mainnet Network Use

By utilizing existing mainnet networks, Berith dApp can be applied to more diverse and practical services.

It can also improve the infrastructure expansion and accessibility of Berith dApp through connections with other projects within the same mainnet and the mainnet itself.

Main Content:

The work will be carried out to newly develop and upgrade the blockchain corresponding to BERA in the current BERS, BERA structure into a separate PoA blockchain, and transfer the Berith BaaS (Smart contract, NFT, etc.) from the BERS’s PoS blockchain to PoA.​

All blockchain-based services supported by Berith will operate based on PoA, and the ecosystem related to service use will be universally applied with the Berith PoA token.​

In addition, we will carry out development work for a token based on Klaytn, which can carry out PoA and Swap.​

The Klaytn-based token will be responsible for liquidity connecting the Klaytn ecosystem and the Berith ecosystem, and when listing on the exchange in the future, we plan to list the Klaytn-based token.​

Berith service users can purchase the Klaytn-based token on the exchange and convert it into a PoA-based token used in the Berith ecosystem through the Berith Wallet. We will explain the conversion method in detail through a notice after development.​

Moreover, the PoS of the BERS blockchain that pays the existing staking reward will be suspended before the conversion of the Klaytn token, and the role of the BERS blockchain will be replaced by the newly developed PoA.

The related voting matters are as follows:

Berith Blockchain Mainnet

dApp Transition Support VS dApp Transition Opposition

Upon the conclusion of the vote on this matter, if the transition to dApp is decided in favor, we will propose a detailed staking suspension reward plan and decide it through voting.​

Not only staking suspension rewards, but we also plan to provide services where Berith holders can receive benefits for the quantity held in the metaverse platform within the Berith ecosystem.

Examples of staking suspension reward plans are as follows:​

ex) Distribute the amount that was supposed to be rewarded for BERS staking for 1 year to ecosystem contributors who have been staking BERS for a certain period (divided and paid quarterly)​

We will also reflect your suggestions on the staking suspension reward, considering the appropriate of policies such as inflation, in voting.​

Please use the 1:1 inquiry in the Berith Wallet for suggestions and inquiries.


Thank you for your interest in Berith.​

We will do our best and move forward.




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