Introducing the global NFT Marketplace ‘Artiple’

Hello, This is Berith.

Global NFT Marketplace ‘Artiple’, which allows cultural contents of each country to be exchanged around Hallyu, is scheduled to launch an official service in November.​

And CJ OLIVENETWORKS has decided to join us as a collaborative partner to provide Hallyu content to these Global NFT Marketplace platforms.​

CJ OLIVENETWORKS will provide various forms of K-content IP such as movies, dramas, webtoons, music, and games. They will also introduce differentiated Korean Wave content NFT products such as combining AI and the latest video technology.​

In addition, Artiple, which targets the Global market, will work with CJ OLIVENETWORKS to target the Vietnamese local market selected as the primary target market. For this goal, we will hold a local NFT contest in Vietnam and an airdrop event to synergize with local corporations and prepare a meeting place with local NFT fans in Vietnam.​

Moreover, we are in the process of collaboration so that we can do not only Hallyu content but also NFT content in various fields.​

Global NFT Marketplace ‘Artiple’ was developed using Berith BaaS (Blockchain as a Service). By applying multi-chain that provides various blockchain networks such as Ethereum, Binance chain, Klaytn, Polygon, and Berith, we have increased compatibility, and we secure price competitiveness by applying low fees.

Through this, we are looking for a variety of new business opportunities and finding partners who can collaborate in a variety of ways, too.

‘Artiple’ is a combination of Art (Art, Artist) + i (in) + Ple (play, playground) and means a space for artists to work together. We will try to become a space where global artists can be together as well as artists of K-content.In addition, it will be a space where you can enjoy the process and experience of consuming various Art & Culture contents​

Ahn Seok-hyun, head of CJ Olive Networks’ NFT Lab and Strategic Planning Division, said, “We are happy to participate in the government’s overseas project to establish a bridgehead for the overseas NFT market with various companies. In addition, He said, “we will try to showcase the best Korean Wave NFT contents in Vietnam based on our NFT business know-how such as ink painting and motorsports.”



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