Introducing Berith BaaS (8) Raffle

2 min readOct 14, 2022


Hello, this is Berith.​

In today’s posting, we will look at the Raffle service through Berith’s BaaS.

Unlike offline raffles which allow you to check the process of the draw directly with your eyes, online raffles are difficult to check the process, having difficulty in resolving the participants’ doubts.​

Some participants often argued that the raffle process was not fair if they did not win. To solve these problems, online raffle services have also emerged with participants.​

Despite using these supportive methods, it is difficult to confirm the fairness of the raffle.​

However, the raffle system through the blockchain meets the three most important elements in the Raffle; Fairness, transparency, and reliability.​

As the raffle’s logic and conditions are recorded in the blockchain during the raffle preparation process, the factors that affect the winning and the raffle target can be prevented from being manipulated. These methods could increase the reliability of online draws.​

The process of this raffle is disclosed through the blockchain to ensure transparency and promote the reliability of the results.​

Berith’s blockchain-based raffle service has increased usability and intuition by applying the GUI. In addition, we have developed a raffle form that allows you to use the function of generating and checking procedures even if you do not have an understanding of the blockchain.


Please contact Berith’s official account for specific details and further inquiries about the service demonstration.​

Thank you.




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