Introducing Berith BaaS (6) Voting

2 min readAug 10, 2022

Hello, this is Berith.​

In today’s posting, we will talk about the Voting service using Berith BaaS.​

As you easily expected, voting is a particular area where data integrity is crucial. By storing data on the servers distributed through blockchain, it prevents counterfeiting against external attacks, increasing the reliability of voting.​

The voting system using Berith BaaS can be used in various voting fields such as voter voting, shareholders’ voting rights, and representative selection through various initial settings, etc.

Also, the disclosure scope of information, such as disclosing only the fact that the participants have been identified, or disclosing their identity can be set in various ways. Berith Voting system also supports all different types of voting; secret voting, abandoned voting, short-term voting, deferred voting, etc.​

The Berith BaaS voting system supports API services to apply them to existing businesses, and governance functions can be included to enable DAO support for organizations made up of blockchain services.

In these kinds of Governance based Voting systems, involving the functions of proposing as well as simple voting enables the target of the proposal or the criteria to be set. This allows the “proposal-vote-implementation” process to be tracked through the blockchain.​

Ordinary online voting functions have been difficult to use in Korea due to data credibility issues. However, the electronic voting system through blockchain can solve the problems by ensuring transparency and data integrity.​

Please contact via Berith’s official account for specific details and further inquiries about the service demonstration.

Thank you.​




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