Introducing Berith BaaS (3) Wallet

2 min readJul 18, 2022


Hello, this is Berith.​

In today’s posting, we will talk about Wallet service using Berith BaaS.

The Wallet service is essential to support cryptocurrency services, enabling it to be stored, transmitted, and traded.​

As it is the basic service frequently encountered while the usage of blockchain, the security and convenience must be thoroughly addressed.

In this regard, Berith BaaS does not provide a wallet for a single blockchain but rather provides a multi-chain wallet that allows to store blockchain wallets in one wallet, including Bitcoin, Ethereum, and Berith.

Not just functioning as a simple cryptocurrency and NFT Wallet, it can store and manage them.​

For this cryptocurrency wallet, we applied the Multi-sig function and triple security to cope with attacks against the existing blockchain wallets, helping them to store cryptocurrency safely.​

Also, we provide the app/web version of Wallet to embark cryptocurrency wallet to the existing app/web service.​

One of the notable cases are Berith Wallet used in Berith Mainnet and the CJ CGV NFT Wallet installed in the CJ CGV official application.

Please contact via Berith’s official account for specific details and further inquiries about the service demonstration.​

Thank you.




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