Introducing Berith BaaS (2) NFT

2 min readJul 11, 2022


Hello, This is Berith​

Today, we will take a look at NFT, which we have recently implemented as a marketplace for the C major company.

The basic concept is NFT, a non-fungible token that has interchangeable characteristics by granting unique recognition values to each digital asset.

To elaborate with an example, if A gives one bitcoin to B, and B gives one to A, the result is the same as before.

However, In the case of NFT, although A’s NFT has the same name and formation as B’s, they came out to have different NFTs because of different Hash values, etc.​

Therefore, A’s NFT cannot replace B’s.​

The characteristic of ‘proof’ upbuilds various utilizations, such as proving the authenticity of an artwork, our identity, and our belongings.​

Also, containing the contexts of proof in the blockchain enables easy tracking of transaction accounts and scarcity proof.​

Berith’s BaaS platform supports users to simply release and manage NFT and supports storage and transmission through NFT Wallet.​

Moreover, the Berith NFT wallet is an integrated wallet supporting multi-chains including Berith, Etherium, Porygon, Klaytn, etc.​

In addition, we completed the development of Cloud SSO system-based sign-up and login function, NFT marketplace (selling and auction function), transaction confirmation and settlement function, information function for the successful bid of NFT, etc. Following up, we are under the development of the NFT bridge function connecting each blockchain Mainnet.​

And we are currently working with major C companies to build NFT marketplaces and create content.​


Please contact via Berith’s official account for specific details and further inquiries about the service demonstration.

Thank you.




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