Introducing Berith BaaS (1) Electronic Contracts

2 min readJul 8, 2022


Hello, this is Berith.

Recently, more and more people are asking about the introduction and interest of the cloud-based blockchain as a service provided by Berith’s blockchain-based integrated business platform.​

With the growth of Berith’s blockchain ecosystem, we appreciate that our goal of commercializing convenient blockchain based services is working successfully and that there is an expansion of blockchain-based service.. We promise to keep striving for our improvement.​

Baas is one of Berith’s core services. As a platform providing each blockchain based service through a single integrated service, we contribute to lowering the barriers of blockchain through API support.​

For the following posts, we will update advantages, diverse real cases, and solutions for each 10 services provided through BaaS.​

In today’s posting, we will talk about the electronic contract, the service encountering the most transactions among Berith’s BaaS based services.

An electronic contract is a technology arising from Untact and paperless generation, the legal effects are being admitted, inspiring many enterprises to adopt the system.​

In this process, integration of electronic contract and blockchain has merits in DID based identity certification for safe contract, as well as transparent contract formation and management. Consequently, it is making a leap forward to become one of Berith BaaS’s core services.​

In addition to verifying data integrity, throughout multi-contractors signature function, electronic contract record and information tracking, indemnification clause, requirements, special agreement notification service, and other additional services, we provide convenient electronic contract service from the user’s perspective.​

For the real cases, the service is being utilized in Samsung Display electronic covenant management system and Lotte Fine Chemical Corporation EUROX system generating constant transactions everyday.

Please contact via Berith’s official account for specific details and further inquiries about the service demonstration.​

Thank you.




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