How to Use BERITH NFT? — Berith NFT (3)

3 min readMar 30, 2022


Hello, This is Berith

I apologize for reposting after such a long time. From now on, I’ll try to communicate more often.

In the last introduction session, we briefly looked at the BERITH NFT development plan and the current progress. At this time, I will inform you about some of the BERITH NFT platform usage and the estimated final opening time.

1. How to use BERITH NFT?

1) How to be a member of BERITH NFT?
Since the Berith NFT marketplace was developed in the form of using Cloud SSO(Single Sign-On)*, previous Berith Wallet service users are convenient to use BERITH NFT, and for new BERITH NFT members, Berith Wallet can be conveniently used.

* Cloud SSO(Single Sign-On) offers easy access to cloud applications by letting users log in to all their cloud apps with a single identity — a single username and password set

(1) In the case of previous BERITH Wallet users.

In the case of previous BERITH Wallet users, after logging in with a Berith wallet account, you can use the Berith NFT service if you agree to the terms and conditions of the service once.

(2) For other new users

A new membership registration process is required, and Berith Wallet is also available after membership registration.

2) How to issue NFT?

(1) Digital Contents upload
Please upload the digital content you wish to issue NFT.
- available image file type: JPG, PNG, GIF
- available video file type: MP4

(2)Title Setting
Please set the title to 50 characters.

(3)Publishing Edition Setting.
Please indicate how many editions you would like to issue. (up to 100 pieces)

(4)Royalty Setting
Percentage of revenue the first issuer acquires when NFT is traded (up to 10%).

(5)Description of the work
Detail explanation for Digital NFT Contents.

(6)Announcement of the issue
This is a guide to the information and precautions required
when NFT issues it.
* Please be sure to check the contents and agree. If you do not agree,
NFT will not be issued.

(7) NFT Thumbnail
NFT Thumbnail image which you can see on NFT Marketplace Main Page.

(8)Request for NFT Issue
The NFT issue functions are required (1) to (7) to be filled out.

(9)Application complete.
Once the application is completed, you can check the following images.

2. The expected open schedule for the Beta Service?

Now, we have developed the major functions of the Berith NFT marketplace.

The beta service is expected to open in April at the latest after final testing and minor errors have been corrected.

3. What is the next topic for the Berith NFT series?

At this time, we informed from membership registration to issuing NFT of the BERITH NFT platform. Next time, we will talk about the functions of NFT sale/auction and purchasing.




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