Important Notice for BERA Swap and Voting

2 min readAug 17


Hello, this is Berith.​

We have urgent Notice for the BERA Swap and Voting issue.

1. Notice on the Postponement of the BERS Voting Schedule​

As previously announced, the vote to transition BERS’s original mainnet to a dApp format has encountered potential errors in the process. We are currently fixing these errors.​

As a result, the voting start date, which was previously scheduled, has been postponed. Voting will now Started on August 22, 2023, at 11:59 AM (Tuesday).​

The voting period remains unchanged and will continue for a month, concluding on September 22, 2023 (Friday) at 11:59 PM.​

Should there be any further delays, we will notify you accordingly.


2. Notice on the Change in BERA Swap Method​

The existing BERA swap was planned to be an automatic swap for all wallets. However, we are aware of the history of BRT that was paid only to wallet subscribers in the form of bounties in the early days of Berith Wallet being paid to multiple accounts in the form of illegal name theft in the form of abusing, and we want to preserve the value of BERA and BERS held by those who contribute to the existing Berith ecosystem by taking measures to ensure that BERA obtained through illegal abusing can only be retrieved by legitimately authenticating their ownership.​

In conclusion, Bera to BERS swap, we are further exploring ways to finalize the swap by swapping only with additional swap applicants. We will announce the form and schedule for the swap in detail at a later date.

Thank you.

We are committed to continuously improving Berith.




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