Berith Wallet Ethereum Client Update notice

Hello, this is Berith.

The clients of Ethereum nodes used within the Berith Wallet are based in Parity. However, the development support for Parity is now over at Ethereum, and the Ethereum network is expected to be unstable for a long time due to this Ethereum merge update, so we would like to update Parity to other Ethereum clients in time for the Ethereum merge update period.​

While the Ethereum client update is in progress, Ethereum is not supported within the Berith Wallet, and we will notify you of the progress and completion of the update continually.

Due to the Ethereum client update, unstable networks may affect Ethereum transmission, so please refrain from using Ethereum from KST (UTC+9) 2022.09.02. 00:00.​​

Thank you for your interest in Berith.

We will try our best and step forward.



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