Berith Voting (2) — Introduce

Hello, this is Berith.​

In the previous post, we addressed the definition, examples, and needs of DAO.

Berith hopes that with the goal of a decentralized autonomous organization, all of Berith’s ecosystem members will be users and suppliers at the same time. Through this, I think Berith’s ecosystem will continue to expand.​

The role of providers within the Berith ecosystem is not just to develop DApps and create nodes using blockchain. For the continued development of the ecosystem, various ideas can be proposed to the Berith ecosystem, and using voting rights based on tokens held by providers for those ideas is also a provider’s role in a broad sense.​

Blockchain is commonly defined as ‘data forgery prevention technology based on distributed computing technology’ and creates a decentralized structure through decentralization. In addition, the possession of blockchain-based tokens or coins alone does not achieve decentralization, and actually, the nodes created using these tokens and coins create a decentralized structure.​

However, if governance is given to tokens and coins themselves, just holding tokens or coins can create an effect of dispersing the blockchain ecosystem. DAO ecosystem members can propose new ideas throughout the blockchain ecosystem according to established proposal rules, and voting on them can decentralize power and profit from centralization, unlike typical organizations. Through ‘smart contract’, all of these processes can be operated reliably even when they do not know each other properly, and the existence of ‘smart contract’ is why blockchain is called a technology of trust. And the development of the Voting system as the first step in configuring this DAO is almost complete. The current beta version has been updated temporarily in the [My ICO] section of the Berith Wallet.

After upgrading and rearranging the configuration, the Governance function will be added afterward. The configuration will be as follows.​

  • Management Team (Berith Korea) :

The management team examines the possibility of legal issues, the feasibility of the proposals, and other elements of every proposal that are voted. They are in charge of the execution of the ultimate suggestion.

  • Chairman (possessing typical number of BERS) :

Responsible for proposals and voting.

  • Assemblyman (a group of more than a certain number of BERS holders, less than the Chair Group) :

Responsible for proposals and voting. Assemblyman’s proposal will be followed by a pre-vote by Chairman to proceeding with the proposal process.

  • Member (owners of BERS except for the chairman) :

Responsible for voting, cannot access approval.

Berith Governance API List

1) Deploy​

Deploy smart contract of governance

2) Vote and Generate Tokens

Vote for the deployed smart contractsDeploy

3) Voting Settlement

Aggregate the voting status and deduce the calculation and results

4) Voting eligibility (restriction)

Establishment of qualifications and restrictions for voting (number of coins held, etc.)

5) Voting Calculation Method

Set numerical values of the voting calculation


Functions of Governance (Berith Wallet)​

1) Voting Information

1. Resolution name :

2. Reasons :

3. Main issues :

2) Voting Process

1. Motion

2. Voting Companion: Consent criteria not met, companion of the chairman

3. Voting Approval: Consent criteria met, approval of the chairman

3) Voting

1. Save to smart contract when participating in voting

- address

- participate

- owned coins

4) Voting Termination

1. Whole congress + coin owned by members

2. Total Participants, Pros, and Cons → Proportion of pros

3. whole coin vs coins for pros → proportion

We will follow up with details of voting system rules, suggestion cases for the test, and additional processes for the suggestion.​

Thank you.



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