Berith Network Metamask Support

2 min readApr 28


Hello, this is Berith.

With this hard fork of the Berith BERS blockchain, the BERS blockchain is now available on the most popular blockchain wallet, Metamask, in addition to the existing PoS Stacking Wallet and Berith Mobile Wallet.

With support for the most popular MetaMask wallet services, we can provide more convenient and diverse services.

In order to add a Berith network to a metamask, you must first install the metamask. See below for image instructions on how to use it.

1. Download MetaMask from the official website (or Chrome Web Store)

2. Set up and run MetaMask as a Chrome extension

3. Configure the additional network settings within MetaMask

4. Set up the additional network details:

Network — Berith


chain ID — 106

Currency Symbol: BERS

Block Explorer:

5. Link your existing BERS wallet through MetaMask’s import account feature

You can check your private key in the “Check My Wallet” option in the mobile wallet menu or when creating a BERS wallet in the PC Wallet.

Thank you for your interest in Berith.

We will try our best and step forward.​




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