Berith, Monthly Report — October 2022

Hello, Berith.

I would like to share with you the progress of the Berith Project that was carried out in October.


1. Business Progress​

1) The official service of ‘artiple’, a global NFT marketplace specializing in Hallyu(K-Contents), Lunched​​

Specialized in Hallyu content, NFT Marketplace, which provides various arts and movies of Hallyu to the world and covers multiple cultures of each country, will successfully open and launch an official service.

the official website


artiple promotional video (Vietnam)

Hallyu Content Global NFT Marketplace ‘’ is a combination of Art (Art, Artist) + i (in) + ple (play, playground), which means a space where various artists can play together, and provides a market where global artists can freely publish trade, and auction NFT.​

“” will provide various blockchain networks such as Ethereum, Binance, and Clayton, Polygon and will open a service that provides OpenMarket and CollectionMarket together by improving the existing limited NFT market.​ will continue to obtain various types of Korean Wave content IPs such as movies, dramas, webtoons, music, and art performances, and provide differentiated Korean Wave content NFT services.​

Berith also participated in a month-long digital art exhibition in Hanoi, Vietnam, in October to discuss the participation of various local Vietnamese artists.

Also, we are promoting artiple through local media and SNS.


2) Cooperating with CJ ONS and BaeMin (Vietnam) for the contents supplying and promotion event of artiple.​

Celebrating the Grand Open of “artiple”, we offer a variety of NFT works, including Vietnamese remakes of “Miss Granny(Vietnamese Sweet 20)” and “Sunny(Vietnamese Go Go Sisters)” in airdrop form to users who visit and sign up for the “artiple”.

Event Guide KR

Event Guide EN

Event Guide VI

In addition, we are working with local subsidiaries in Vietnam to issue coupons that can be used in Baemin (Vietnam) for subscribers.​

In addition, we will provide a variety of benefits and valuable NFT collections through various collaborations and events.

2. Technical Progress​

1) Berith Voting Service Open

Berith Voting function is officially opened.

You must have more than 5 million BERS to propose a plan for Voting.

Voting on the proposed agenda is open to anyone who has one BERS.

To promote proposals and voting, there will be rewards for initial proposals and voting participants. The Berith team will also do its best to help Berith grow into a blockchain-based Web 3.0 platform through various proposals and participation.

2) Berith continuing the development of EVM-based Multi-chain technology​

Multi-chain development between blockchain using EVM is under development. Although there are some delays due to the development and opening of the NFT Marketplace, we are speeding up the development to apply it to the NFT Marketplace in the future.


3) Ethereum client update in progress​

Client update operation for the Ethereum node is in progress. We are planning to use it for the existing Berith blockchain and upgrade it.​

However, there are some delays due to the development and opening of the artiple NFT Marketplace, and multi-chain development using EVM is not a small-scale development, so it is unlikely to be completed so soon.​

However, in the future blockchain ecosystem, Ethereum compatibility in conjunction with NFT Marketplace, EVM multi-chain, and Ethereum client updates is considered to be a major point of Berith’s future competitiveness and is being developed.​

We will try to do our best to complete the development soon.


4) NFT Marketplace improvement Work is progressing

In addition to the basic functions and features of the developed artiple NFT Marketplace and the domestic NFT Marketplace under development, additional functions for convenience are being developed and applied.​

We will share the updated progress on the official SNS of “artiple” and the official SNS of “Berith”.


3. Other​​

1) Application for credit evaluation based on Xangle Dapp version.​

We applied for credit evaluation based on the Xanlge Dapp version.

Currently, the data prepared after the first evaluation will be reorganized, and the data submission and credit evaluation process will be conducted from december.​

assessment, and the exact timing of disclosure of the assessment cannot be determined due to the assessment of other projects already in progress at Xangle. We will try to do our best to get a better evaluation within November.​

Depending on the time and content that can be shared according to the contents of the contract, we will deliver the contents through the community such as SNS later.


Thank you for your interest in Berith.​

We will try our best and step forward.



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