Berith, Monthly Report — March 2023

3 min readApr 12, 2023

Hello, Berith.

I would like to share with you the progress of the Berith Project that was carried out in March.

1) April Berith AMA Scheduled

The Berith AMA is scheduled for the last week of April. Specific time and participation methods will be announced separately through future notifications.

2) B2C Service Development Stage

As previously mentioned in our AMA, the planning work for the B2C service is in its final stages, and we are currently working on platform and internal service development and design. We are developing the service using an MVP model, so we can provide the service through a prototype in the initial stages and upgrade it step by step. We are focusing on speeding up the development process to be able to share the initial prototype of the service during the AMA. We will share some simple information about the related service during the AMA, as much as we can.


3) Berith Project Blockchains Integration to BERS

As previously announced, we are planning to convert some of the circulating BERA into BERS in conjunction with the ongoing BERS blockchain upgrade work.

1. For those holding both BERA and BERS wallets :

=> BERA will be converted to BERS and credited to your BERS wallet.

2. If you have both BERA and BERS wallets but have not registered your BERS wallet in your existing mobile Berith wallet :

=>Save the swap recipient’s record, proceed with the swap if they applied for a swap after the BERS integration, or check the existing record and proceed with the swap only for that applicant.

3. For those with BERA but without a BERS wallet:

=> Record the applicants and conduct a swap for them later through a personal verification process.

For applicants in categories 2 and 3, please create a BERS wallet and register it in the mobile Berith Wallet before midnight on April 22, when the wallet list operation is scheduled to begin.​

If you have already registered both BERA and BERS wallets in your mobile wallet but the conversion process has been omitted, please contact us for verification and processing.


4) Berith Wallet 1.8 version deployment scheduled for the end of April

The deployment of Berith Wallet version 1.8 is scheduled for the end of April. This patch will reflect the BERS upgrade mentioned above and will implement a BIP-5 chain hard fork.

The BIP-5 chain hard fork includes Dapp compatibility through a smart contract upgrade, sidechain swap functionality based on Oracle & Smart Contract, and a core feature that converts existing wallet addresses starting with Bx to 0x, allowing them to be used in conjunction with MetaMask.

Through this patch, not only can you check BERS on the existing mobile wallet and PC PoS wallet, but also through MetaMask. We plan to continuously develop so that you can access various convenience Dapps and services supported by MetaMask using BERS as well.

The block number for the BIP-5 chain hard fork is 21,314,000, and it is currently expected to occur around 1–2 pm on April 24th (Monday), although the exact time may vary depending on block generation time.

Please note that after the creation of block number 21,314,000 (approximately April 24th, 14:00), you will not be able to obtain Staking Rewards using Berith Wallet versions lower than 1.8, as this is a hard fork chain change rather than a soft fork or simple update.

Download from: Berith PoS official website ( )

Download Link :

Thank you for your interest in Berith.

We will try our best and step forward.




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