Berith, Monthly Report — June 2023

2 min readJun 30


Hello, This is Berith.

I would like to share with you the progress of the Berith Project that was carried out in June.


1) Announcement on Berith Scan, Berith Mobile Wallet Maintenance and Update

We are currently working on maintenance and updates on the Berith network and wallet, Scan services to provide improved services. As a result, users may experience instability while using the Berith Mobile Wallet. We suggest using the Berith Web Wallet instead during this period.

Berith Web Wallet link :

2) Berith BERS Mainnet dApp transition comments accepted

As mentioned in the previous announcement, we are accepting proposals for the BERS mainnet dApp transition through 1:1 inquiries on the Berith Web Wallet (, and will accept additional proposals until the end of July.​

* In the case of Berith APP Wallet, it may not work properly due to maintenance and updates.

We are accepting various opinions through the 1:1 inquiry on Berith Web Wallet mentioned above, so we would appreciate your suggestions regarding the BERS dAPP transition.


3) Berith BERS Mainnet dApp Transition Vote Schedule

In response to the feedback we received before August regarding the BERS Mainnet transition schedule and the size and targets of the rewards for completion of the BERS Mainnet (BPoS), we will conduct a formal voting process using Berith Vote, which will take place in early to late August.​

We look forward to your feedback and interest.​

* There may be changes in the schedule for about 1–2 weeks depending on the status of feedback collection and voting preparation, and we will provide additional announcements when relevant situations arise.

4) Announcement on the Integration of Berith BERA Blockchain

The existing Berith BERA blockchain is scheduled to be integrated with BERS. Existing BERA coin holders are expected to convert to BERS according to the swap procedure.​

Detailed information about the swap procedure and targets can be found in the following community​


Please note, the planned swap procedure is currently delayed due to the Berith blockchain network update. We will make an announcement once the swap procedure is completed.​

Thank you for your interest in Berith.

We will try our best and step forward.




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