Berith, Monthly Report — June 2022

2 min readJun 28, 2022

Hello, This is Berith.

To communicate with many people who are interested in the progress of the Berith project, we will share the progress briefly every month.

1. Business progress

1) Preparing to launch Global NFT Marketplace.
As we mentioned on June 23 last week, Berith is developing a global NFT marketplace with Company C. The actual project start discussion begins around February, and the expected launching date of the marketplace is in October.

2) Preparing to launch a domestic NFT marketplace.
We are preparing to launch a new NFT Marketplace as early as July in the third quarter of this year. We will be able to share the details of this case only when it is launched.

3) Berith, the CGV NFT service continues to expand with Berith BaaS.
In March this year, Berith built CGV’s NFT service using Bertih BaaS.
Since then, we have been continuously developing NFT services in cooperation with CGV.
Recently, we agreed to support more diverse forms of NFT services by signing a yearly license.

2. Technical progress

1) Preparing to deploy Voting System.

Berith is preparing to introduce a Voting system to achieve a higher goal by gathering opinions from various members of the Berith ecosystem.
Details will continue to be posted on the blog.

3. Other Topics.

1) Xangle credit rating

Recently, Berith received credit rating report from Xangle.

We are preparing an explanation for the issue points mentioned in the Xangle credit rating, and in a short period of time.

Thank you for your interest in Berith.
We will do our best for everyone.




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