Berith, Monthly Report — July 2022

Hello, This is Berith.

In this post, we will share the current status of the Berith Project in July.​

  1. Business Progress

1) Domestic NFT Market Launch In Progress

In the 3rd quarter of this year, the domestic NFT marketplace which was scheduled to be launched in July resulted in requiring some additional development requirements. Thus, the launching date is to be delayed as further development proceeds accordingly. We expect the development to be completed until the 4th quarter of this year. As we mentioned, the project details such as the NFT marketplace name and related company name will be announced when the launch date is set.​

2) Global NFT Marketplace Project in progress.

Regarding the global NFT marketplace under development with the ‘C Company’ we announced last month, we are continuously preparing for project development and service. For example, we went on a business trip to check the target market and also find and review the name and logo of the project brand.

The brand name will be announced within August, and the details will be announced through blog posting.


2. Technical Progress​

1) Voting system Introduction in progress

Regarding the Voting system we mentioned last month, we are continuously preparing for its introduction. Following a recent post about its brief introduction, we will share the progress through our blog.

2) Berith Wallet minor error correction

Currently, Berith wallet is correcting minor errors.

We found that there were minor errors that did not particularly affect the main functions of cryptocurrency wallets, and we are trying to correct those minor errors.

These fixes are not expected to affect any kind of wallet use either.

When the small correction is completed, we will share it again with more information through the notice.

3. Other

1) BaaS Advancement

The Berith Blog is announcing each service guide and used cases of our self-developed service, BaaS. So far, we have informed you of electronic contracts, NFT, Wallet, and Membership. In the upcoming posts, we will explain the details of the other services, including SSO, electronic voting, lottery, history tracking, and Pay.

Thank you for always keeping eye on Berith.

We will try our best and step forward.



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