Berith, Monthly Report — February 2023

2 min readMar 9


Hello, Berith.

​I would like to share with you the progress of the Berith Project that was carried out in February.


1. Berith AMA

On February 21, 2023, we hosted a Berith AMA on the Berith Telegram channel.​

A summary of the AMA can be found in the Berith blog post.​

Here’s the link to that post:


2. Upgrading the BERS Blockchain

We are in the process of upgrading the BERS blockchain core. Through our internal development team, we are simultaneously testing the scope of additional features that can be reflected during the upgrade work, and we are working to reflect the upgraded development environment of Ethereum.​

Additional features and performance improvements will be announced as the scope of the upgrade is finalized and development progresses.​

Some of our development goals include integrating Berith Mainnet with MetaMask. We can’t comment on the timing of this, but we are working on it as it is one of the ways we can provide convenience to users in the Berith ecosystem, and it can be used as a validation for compatibility with Ethereum and others.

3. Planning/developing a B2C service

We are in the process of planning/developing the B2C services that we announced in the AMA. We are currently working on the development of the service that will serve as a platform, and we are working on the planning and upgrade of the service that utilizes the platform. We will be able to show prototype and introduce these services at the next AMA in April.

4. Xangle credit rating start date Postpond

Regarding the Xangle credit rating that we applied for, we have concluded discussions with Xangle to receive it when we can open the B2C service mentioned above, or when it is visualized. We will start the Xangle credit rating on the september and announce the Xangle credit rating in the forth quarter. We’ll do our best to make sure Berith gets a good review.

5. Other Notices

1) Caution for Users of Older PoS Wallets​

As the PoS Wallet is newly deployed, staking with the old version of the PoS Wallet may not be able to proceed normally.​

Please be sure to use the version released after February 13, 2023, and when switching from old version wallet to new version wallet, we recommend to saved chaindata of old version wallet for faster synchronization.​

Download from: Berith PoS official website ( )

Thank you for your interest in Berith.​

We will try our best and step forward.




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