Berith, Monthly Report — August 2022

Hello, Berith.​

I would like to share with you the progress of the Berith Project that was carried out during the month of August.

1. Business Progress

1) Preparing to launch Global NFT Marketplace

Currently, the name and logo have been decided and trademark registration is underway for the case, and the local trademark registration process in Vietnam is in progress. We will introduce the brand name, logo, and other global NFT market places through posting when it is possible to disclose them.​

The NFT marketplace is being developed without any problems, and we focus on promoting user convenience and Hallyu content, including various functions. Also, I will notice you through posting about the detailed functions.


2) Preparing to launch Korean NFT Marketplace

The Korean NFT Marketplace, which was scheduled to be launched in July, will be opened after developing more various functions.

Additional features such as multi-chain and scalability will be included. we’ll let you know the launch time later.​

3) Web 3.0 Solution Development Based on Berith BaaS in Progress

We are working on developing a Web 3.0 solution that can easily apply Web 3.0 to existing and new businesses using Berith BaaS. Instead of providing simple blockchain nodes from other BaaS platforms, the solution provides technology for each service as an integrated service platform, making it easy to apply the desired service to your business. More detailed information such as use cases will be posted later.​

2. Technical Progress

1) JavaScript error resolved in PC Wallet

We are testing a 1.6 version pc wallet that resolves JavaScript errors that sometimes occurred on your existing PC Wallet. Currently, there is no problem during the test, so it is expected that it can be released normally in September.

We will share it with other communities, including the official website and blog, when released.

2) Berith PC wallet will be support Windows 11 OS

We are upgrading Berith PC Wallet to completely support Windows 11. This upgrade is included in the 1.6 version update provided when troubleshooting JavaScript errors.

3) Developing a voting system and applying improvements

The overall structure of the voting system is being reorganized. By improving the accessibility to make suggestions, we want to create a community where the Berith ecosystem can coexist with users. The reorganized Voting system is scheduled to be introduced in September.

4) Proceed with the Ethereum Client Update Task

The clients of Ethereum nodes used within the Berith Wallet are built through Parity. However, the development support for Parity is now over at Ethereum, and the Ethereum network is expected to be unstable for a long time due to this Ethereum merge update, so we would like to update Parity to other Ethereum clients in time for the Ethereum merge update period.​

Ethereum will not be supported within the Berith Wallet during the Ethereum client update, which will be notified once again through separate posting and in-wallet announcements, and update progress and completion announcements will also be notified separately as they progress.


3. Other

1) Voting event

Regarding Berith Voting, we would like to open an event for suggestions and voting participants. We ask for your participation so that more diverse opinions can be collected and the Berith ecosystem can be activated. We will share the details of the event in the next posting.

2) Overseas meeting in progress in Vietnam

We held an overseas meeting in Vietnam to build a global NFT marketplace. A meeting has been held for legal review and business consultation, and we will share a little more details through posting when it is available.


Thank you for your interest in Berith.

​We will try our best and step forward.



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