Berith Launches Extended BaaS dApp Service

Hello, this is Berith.​

Through the service expansion of Berith BaaS which enables the operation of blockchain business with blockchain technology and affordable cost, it is about to launch about 10 DApp services including NFT and electronic contracts that are suitable for not only large-sized companies but also small and medium-sized companies.​

Berith BaaS focuses on cloud (AWS) blockchain data verification services with data integrity, regulatory transparency and security enhancement characteristics, and token economy services that can issue, transmit, and trade tokens. With these services, It provides a hybrid blockchain platform (Private/Public) to be utilized for business and various business-linked APIs​

Types of services available within Berith BaaS include NFT, electronic contract, Enterprise, Wallet, Pay, Membership, SSO, electronic voting, raffle, and history tracking, and other customized solution services for blockchain services that companies or users want to apply.

Currently, Samsung Display, Lotte Fine Chemistry, CJ CGV, and other major companies are using BaaS, generating an increase in yearly transactions and demands among the parent companies.​

Moreover, through the Small and Medium Business Type Untanct Voucher Business, Berith is planning to expand the BaaS service for various agencies. This technological advancement will be applicated to launching the global NFT Marketplace and Metaverse.

Thank you​.



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