Berith Korea is expanding its Berith Token ecosystem through CGV’s NFT service

Hello, This is Berith.

Today, I’m going to talk more about how CGV NFT services affect the Berith token ecosystem.

1. Current CGV NFT service using Berith BaaS.

* What is Berith BaaS?

The method of using blockchain services without the high cost and difficult technology required for service introduction and operation. Berith has already developed more than 10 services, including NFT, electronic contracts, Enterprise, Wallet, Pay, Membership, SSO, electronic voting, raffle, and history tracking, and plans to develop more services in the future.

2. Activation of Berith Token Economy with current CGV NFT Service.

CGV NFT Wallet is a service based on the Berith blockchain, and if the number of new users of CGV app increases, it leads to an increase in the number of Berith blockchain users, and as the number of Berith blockchain users increases, the Berith token economy ecosystem becomes active.

2) Berith Blockchain Activation by Using NFT Service
NFT issuance and transfer are made through the Berith blockchain, and Berith tokens are continuously used to use these services. In other words, the Berith token economy ecosystem will become more active as more CGV NFTs are issued or CGV users transfer NFTs.

3) Actual CGV NFT Mint Cases

(1) Distribution of 3 types of NFT goods to 5,000 Kingmakers in March: Classic, Premium, and VIP

(2) Distribution of NFT goods in 3 types: Classic, Premium, and VIP to a total of 5,000 people in Crime City 2 in May

At least 10,000 NFTs were minted, distributed, and Wallet created, and the resulting Berith token was used, which would naturally activate the Berith blockchain token economy.

3. The Future Prospect of CGV NFT Services based on Berith BaaS.

2) Berithsigns annual license agreement with CGV
Berith has a yearly license to continue to support the Berith BaaS service to CGV. Through this, CGV will support a wider variety of NFT services with Berith.



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