Berith Hard Fork (2023.04.24.)

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Hello, I’m Berith.​

As mentioned in the monthly report, a hard fork of the BERS (PoS) blockchain is scheduled to take place.

This hard fork of the Berith blockchain is just a systematic upgrade, which means that the coins will remain the same, but the internal systems and protocols will change.

For the average user, there won’t be any major differences, only minor convenience improvements.


Notice for BERITH hard fork (BIP-5)

Date: April 24, 2023.

Time: 21,314,000 Block

(expected around 1–2 pm)

Starting from the mentioned block, the hard-forked BERS chain will be started.

What Berith users will do​

1) PC Wallet users:

Install version 1.8 of PC Wallet and run a node.

(Recommended to install and use before 24 days)

Download from the following link.

2) Other BERS holders:

No particular action is required.

Major changes in the Berith Hard Fork​

1) Wallet address changed from Bx to 0x

- Wallet addresses starting with 0x are required when using popular wallets such as Metamask, so we will be changing the wallet address from Bx to 0x across the board.

After the 0x change, BERS could be usable in popular wallets such as Metamask.

* Information required to add the Metamask network will be provided at a later date.

** Tasks such as sending BERS based on the existing Bx will be supported by automatically changing the address to 0x when proceeding.

ex) When sending BERS from the Berith wallet program(mobile) to Bx~abcdef wallet, it will be automatically changed to 0x~abcdef wallet and sent.​

2) Various new smart contracts and Dapps based on BERS will be made usable.

There will be no change in general investors and existing users of Berith services.

* What is Hard Fork?

It refers to starting a new blockchain separately from the existing blockchain by applying the new block generation rule. It operates completely independently of previous versions without maintaining compatibility. It means switching to a completely different protocol.


We will continue to work harder for a better Berith system.

Thank you.




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