Berith builds a Global NFT Marketplace with C Major Networks Company. — (3)

Hello, this is Berith.​

In our last post, we talked about the reasons for targeting Vietnam as our first global NFT marketplace implementation.

Focusing on Vietnam’s high interest in NFT and Korean Wave, we believe that the IP of Company C, the cooperating company, will cause a significant impact on the market.​

In response, we went on a business trip to Vietnam to conduct review of local laws/accounting and business discussions with local corporations. We will share this information in this post.

1. Business Consultation on Vietnam NFT Law / Accounting Review

(Participation of domestic K legal company and Vietnamese corporation of P legal company, etc.)

We conducted a preliminary review of the law/accounting for the overseas expansion of the NFT business. Also, we were able to review legal and accounting aspects for any problems that may occur with the business in Vietnam by checking precautions, and discussing solutions.

2. Consultation on securing NFT content IP

(Participation in Vietnamese cinema corporation Company C, Vietnamese film industry corporation Company C, etc.)

Through a meeting with the Vietnamese local subsidiary of Company C, which is currently working on the project, we discussed the procedures to secure IP for NFT registration local contents and Korean Wave contents in Vietnam, It was an opportunity to check the interest in Korean Wave contents and NFT in Vietnam.

3. Consultation on securing NFT Marketplace Marketing Channel ​

(Participation of Vietnam subsidiary of B, etc.)

We held a meeting with the Vietnamese subsidiary of Company B, a large domestic food delivery service company, to help launch and promote NFT Marketplace which is being prepared to be developed from November.


As previously investigated by Berith, we received favorable responses regarding the establishment of a global NFT marketplace and entry into the Vietnamese market according to the reason we choose Vietnam as the primary target.

It has been decided that some of the contents will not end with a one-time meeting, but will continue to be discussed through the contract.​

In addition to Company C, one of Korea’s major companies that we are currently cooperating with, there are companies that are showing positive responses about this business. Therefore, we were able to confirm the possibility of working with these companies to expand the scale of the business.

We will follow up with additional information about the NFT marketplace developing process.

Thank you.



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