Berith builds a Global NFT marketplace with C Major Networks Company. — (2)

2 min readJul 6, 2022


Hello, this is Berith.

Our last post announced the successful agreement with C major network company on NFT marketplace implementation, and the commencement of global marketplace establishment.

In today’s post, we would like to share several details and the phased goals of the global NFT marketplace.

First, we will start with the target market. Our NFT marketplace aims for globalization above all, primarily focusing on the Vietnamese’ market.

The NFT market is currently under significant expansion worldwide, and the Vietnam market is showing remarkable growth among the countries.

In order to identify Vietnamese’ interest in NFT, we referred to the survey held by ‘finder’. The subjects holding NFT reached 17.4%, and 29.1% showed interest by expressing their willingness for ownership. Considering that there are only 2% of NFT owners in the United States, United Kingdom, and Japan, we can notice the high level of interest across Vietnam.

Moreover, Veitmane is notable for its amiability towards Korean Wave. Mounting up to 34.5% of Korean cultural content consumption weight, it holds the 2nd place portion in the globe.

Recently, Korean movies and dramas have been continuously exposed as the No1 Google search in Vietnam, showing its high interest in Korean culture and wave.

The C major network company is closely related to the Korean wave through a number of affiliates. Therefore, we expect to successfully secure users by introducing NFT content utilizing the culture.

Thus, considering the ease of market entry, activation, and the possibility of global market entrance, we agreed to set Vietnam as the top priority of the NFT marketplace establishment. Additional branding and marketing projects are also underway.

We will keep up with the following posts with more details.

Thank you.




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