Berith AMA Summary EN (23.04.28)

4 min readMay 11, 2023

Hello, I’m Berith.​

Here is a summary of the contents of Berith AMA held on April 28, 2023.

Q: What is Berith’s current state and future direction?


- State and direction.

In short, we proposed the construction of a metaverse platform for large corporations. However, due to the budget change caused by COVID-19 this year, the project did not proceed.

Previously, Berith’s business direction was focused on B2B with large corporations. Although there were continuous achievements big and small, for public listing and ecosystem expansion, the most important factor was how much the token was used. It’s important to secure many users, so we planned a service that could gather many users on our already-built Metaverse platform.​

- Berith Metaverse

Berith’s New Metavers service’s main theme is metaverse-based dating.

The ecosystem of the metaverse dating service will operate based on Berith, and there’s currently no dating service based on the metaverse.

While existing dating services focus on 1:1 introductions, Berith’s service plans to offer a space for after-dating conversations and games using metaverse space, in addition to many-to-many services and games.

We believe it’s a service that can quickly secure users. Unlike other services, users of dating apps often use multiple apps, so we anticipate being able to easily secure users in this market by increasing exposure frequency.

The demo we are showing services is developing stage. We aim to upgrade this base and add a dating business by November, with the goal of launching in December.​

- Berith Mainnet to Dapp Change.

In terms of Berith’s blockchain, we currently have our own mainnet platform.

We are planning to transition this from the current mainnet system to a dApp form. We will receive a vote for this decision from the holders.

The major reason for the change to dApp is that attracting various dApps is important for mainnets, but Berith is more suitable for a business-oriented dApp form than its own mainnet.

We faced many disadvantages because we were evaluated based on mainnet standards. Therefore, we plan to proceed with providing real blockchain usage services from a PoA-based blockchain, and change to a dApp using Klay-based tokens.


Q: So, are you saying that rewards are given based on participation in the metaverse, regardless of the amount of ownership? I’m curious about the reward related to stopping staking.

A: Previously, Berith was a platform that included mainnet + dApp (business), but with the change, the original PoS mining will be discontinued and tokens will be issued as rewards through various businesses.​

We aim to incorporate rewards for metaverse participation and benefits for Berith ownership into our reward system.

The end time for PoS, etc. will be decided through a vote, and detailed content about the reward for stopping staking will also be decided through a vote.

The reward plan will maintain a proper line so that inflation does not become a burden.

Q: What differentiates Berith Metaverse from other metaverse services like Zepeto?

A: Berith Metaverse is a 2D platform that operates in a browser without installing a separate app, unlike 3D metaverses that require separate engine installations.

We will start the initial service as a dating service, and plan to use various services as replacements for SNS within the metaverse platform.​

The metaverse will expand by mixing 2D and 3D, and as we anticipate that web-based websites will transition to metaverse forms, we plan to provide a platform for businesses to enter, and to provide in a separate installation form.​

Also, we are developing a decentralized form of metaverse for user identity verification and personal information protection, aiming to improve the issues of existing centralized metaverses.

We are working on a smart contract for user identity verification, etc., so that you can confirm the identity of the matched partner in a form that can provide a decentralized form without a separate middle manager.

We will be able to offer differentiated services such as video chatting and gaming within the metaverse space, in addition to the basic functions of dating services that existing services cannot provide.


Q: Will the metaverse only be provided in 2D?

A: We will start by providing in 2D, and will expand to include 3D elements.

Q: Will the service only be in Korea? When is the opening date?

A: We will proceed with a global service, conduct separate domestic and overseas marketing work for this, and we expect the service opening time to be in December.

Q: What about rewarding tokens to those who suggest improvements or proposals for the metaverse?

A: We will implement a separate coin reward policy for receiving suggestions and proposals for improvements to the metaverse service.

Q: Is the vote 1 vote per person?

A: All votes related to Berith can be voted through Berith Wallet in the form of 1 vote per 1 BERS.

Q: When is the next AMA?

A: We will aim to hold it once more within the third quarter.

I’m going to be a better Berith.

Thank you very Much.




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